Using user agent switcher on your browser

Hi all,

I am an x-Yahoo and i was a mobile specialist and i thought that this post might be useful for some of you.

As a UI specialist; sometimes you are testing a mobile page and you can’t debug or trace the errors rendering in the front-end interface.

Using a testing device in that case might be unhelpful as you don’t have any tracing or debugging tools like “#firebug” (however you may be able to install it on your iphone or ipad with a certain tweak).

So the best practice i found for that is to use a #user_agent to render the page in your browser as a mobile device.

Here is couple of techniques that i use for #mobile_testing:

1- Using the #iOS #simulator app installed in your #mac.

If you can’t find it in your apps list; you should find it into the xcode packages files and you can simply keep it in your dock for future reference.

The iphone simulator is a very useful tool in mobile testing but you will still not have the advantage of debugging an interface error or a broking CSS or HTML line of code.

2- Install user agent switcher add-on to your #firefox browser.

You’ll find a default list of extra browsers and devices to be used in testing.

but i recommend that you import extra user agents to the plugin by editing the add-on option like the following screenshot:

And you can get a nice list of user agent to be imported (xml file) from the following URL:

This XML files will append dozens of devices and browsers agents to your add-on and will make you able to test and debug your mobile page on many platforms.

I hope this is helpful.

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and let me know your thoughts.